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Products Brochure ECAIA (DE) 10 pcs.

In the ECAIA brochure we present the SANUSLIFE water line and the highlights of each product. Customers find out about the benefits of ECAIA water and get information about the great ECAIA product range.

  • Information about the important good water
  • Easy to distribute
  • Conveys high value, credibility and trust
  • Compact and well-arranged
  • Environmentally friendly printing on natural and recycled papers
  • Scope of delivery: 10 pcs.
  • Language: German
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Water is our most important good. For this reason, we have prepared our own brochure in which you will find all the information about ECAIA water and the products that go with it. The newly designed ECAIA brochure offers insight into the fascinating water world of SANUSLIFE. The brochure has been specially crafted to help readers immediately understand the benefits of each product and why they absolutely need it for a healthy lifestyle. A must for anyone who wants to get to know the ECAIA product line offline and recommend it to those around them.

The contents at a glance:
- An informative intro with an introduction to water issues
- Three reasons to optimize drinking water
- The existing ECAIA carafe with all its highlights
- The new environmentally friendly ECAIA carafe S with its modular filter design and many other highlights
- The stylish ECAIA drinking set consisting of ECAIA glass and ECAIA glass jug S
- The ECAIA ionizer S and the great combination with the ECAIA ionizer S faucet
- The useful additional products
- ECAIA+ drops and the different application possibilities
- ECAIA+ allhygienics for more hygiene and cleanliness in life
- All information about SANUSPLANET, the SANUSCREDIT-Cashback and the 3 Euro donation by buying the MY WATER BOTTLE

Technical data:
- Scope of delivery: 10 pcs.
- Monolingual: German
- 4/4-color magazine printing
- Saddle stitching
- DIN A5 portrait format
- 24 pages
- Environmentally friendly natural and recycled paper


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