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ECAIA carafe S - Package

ECAIA carafe S is a latest-generation mineral flow-through water ionizer.
Individual setting options guarantee optimum ionization and therefore the best ECAIA water.

  • Handmade robust borosilicate glass carafe
  • With integrated “e-smog protected-plate” by memon
  • 2 main cartridges are included in the delivery
  • Filter parts made of high-quality, pollutant-free plastic
  • Lid incl. mechanical filter display
  • Environmentally friendly and easy filter replacement
  • Individual setting ionization output
  • Without fixed installation, ideal for travelling
  • Capacity tank container: 0,4l
  • Capacity glass carafe: 1,5/2l
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ECAIA carafe S sets new standards in the field of mineral water ionizers. The futuristic design with sweeping lines makes the ECAIA carafe S a real eye-catcher. The integrated functions allow individual adjustment of the ionization power to produce the best ECAIA water anytime, anywhere.

Up to 3 individual filter cartridges can be integrated in the top attachment container, the ECAIA container S. The main cartridge ECAIA main filter S is used to reduce pollutants contained in the water and to ionize the water by means of special ceramics. The natural minerals remain in the water. The result is soft, drinkable and tasty ECAIA water.

ECAIA water has a high pH value, is rich in electrons and, therefore, antioxidant. It contains a great number of OH-ions and thus all the bonded oxygen made available. It is made up of very small clusters making it very available to cells. It also presents strong solvent properties.

A mechanical filter display is integrated in the lid of the attachment container to indicate when the filter needs to be changed. The filler flap can be operated at the touch of a button to fill water into the container, which then flows through the filters without pressure. The flow rate can be regulated via an integrated ceramic valve on the bottom.
The treated ECAIA water flows into the handmade glass carafe ECAIA glass jug S. On its underside, memon's “e-smog protected-plate” provides additional protection against the effects of harmful environmental pollution such as electrosmog and earth radiation. As a result, the ECAIA water retains its structure and quality.
If you want to take the ECAIA carafe S with you when travelling, you can use the ECAIA tank S tank container instead of the glass carafe to collect the ECAIA water (capacity: 0,4l).

Scope of delivery:
1 x attachment container ECAIA container S, incl. lid and filter diusplay
1 x tank container ECAIA tank S
2 x main cartridge ECAIA main filter S
1 x filter hook for easy removal of the filters
1 x Instruction manual (short version)

Included in the package:
1 x glass carafe ECAIA glass jug S (separate packaging) with integrated “e-smog protected-plate” by memon

Technical specifications:
- 24 x 12 x 36 cm (LxWxH)
- Filling capacity 1-2l
- Weight approx. 1.6kg

Durability of the main cartridge ECAIA main filter S:
60 days or maximum 300 liters flow. This corresponds to an average of five (5) liters of filtered and ionized water per day.
It is recommended to change the cartridge after 60 days at the latest, regardless of whether the maximum flow rate has been reached or not. This guarantees optimum filter performance and greatly reduces the risk of bacterial growth. The ionization performance depends on the source of available water.

Optional additional cartridges:
ECAIA booster filter S: Contains additional ceramics to ionize the water even more, especially suitable for calcareous drinking water.
ECAIA nitrate filter S: Contains a special resin to reduce the nitrate content in drinking water.
Note: The ECAIA nitrate filter S will be available at a later date.


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Die Glas Carafe ist ein bisschen dünn gehalten. Ansonsten ist das Paket sehr gut zu gebrauchen.

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